Our Cosmic Story

We often have just enough time in the day to focus on one particular piece of the scientific puzzle of our existence as a species and civilization. We may learn through some documentary about evolution, space exploration, the latest medical advances, or an ingenious way to generate energy. We hardly ever put it all together in one comprehensive perspective of our special place in the cosmos.

Our Cosmic Story puts it all together for you in one great journey. We begin by exploring why Earth is such a hospitable place for life and civilization, diving into its rich history in how life and then civilization took root across the globe. In the second half of the book, we explore the Universe in search of the best places for life to exist elsewhere, and what it may take for that life to flourish into a space faring civilization.

How did humanity appear at all on this pale blue dot? How did our fantastically complex civilization develop? When will we encounter other civilizations out there, if ever? These questions are all explored as we journey from one chapter to the next.

Our Cosmic Story Offers:

  • An appreciation of how Earth is good for life and civilization
  • A historical account of early civilization on Earth
  • What it takes to build a technological civilization
  • An overview of the numerous perils that befall civilizations
  • A journey into our vast Universe in search of other planets with life
  • A calculation for the chance of civilizations elsewhere in the cosmos

A Review of the Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Setting the Stage for Life and Civilization
  • Chapter 2: Evolution and the Building Blocks of Life
  • Chapter 3: The Rise of Civilization on Earth
  • Chapter 4: The Engine of Modern Civilization
  • Chapter 5: A House of Cards: The Downfall of Civilization
  • Chapter 6: Exploring the Cosmos
  • Chapter 7: The Boundaries of Habitability
  • Chapter 8: The Scale of Things
  • Chapter 9: Is Anybody Out There?